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'Indigo' 1979 Nissan Patrol LG-60 For Sale

Volcan 4x4, LLC out of Florida and Colombia is proud to present to you this rare 1979 Nissan Patrol LG-60 medium wheelbase soft top. This is a highly restored frame-on Nissan Patrol and the last year for the LG-60 left hand drive model.

This incredible truck has been sold. But we might be able to source and restore a truck like it. Contact us to see how we can put you in an exceptional condition, rare FJ40, FJ43, Land Rover or the classic Patrol of your preference.

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  • Year: 1979
  • Make: Nissan
  • Model: Patrol LG-60
  • Engine: 4.0L Inline 6 cylinder
  • Trans: 3-Speed
  • Color: Blue
  • Interior: Tan
  • Top: Black soft top
  • Status: SOLD
  • Asking Price: $39,900

Classic Nissan Patrol Video

A Featured "Hemmings Find!"

Imagine our surprise when we went to www.Hemmings.com, the largest collector car marketplace, and found that Indigo was featured on the home page as a "Hemmings Find of The Day!"

To be clear, we had it listed for sale on the site among thousands of other great listed collectibles. But we had no idea Hemmings would select it out of all those other gorgeous classic collectible automobiles and highlight it for special attention for their visitors.

But maybe it shouldn't come as a surprise. The vintage Patrol's rarity in the U.S., the current popularity of its contemporary and direct competitor the FJ LandCruiser, and Indigo's gorgeous condition make it an extremely unique truck worthy of attention.

If you are reading this and it is no longer on the home page, have a look at their post here.

The Name

We named this truck Indigo for his unique smokey blue paint contrasted with as-new black soft top.

Patrol History

Only approximately 2000 Nissan Patrols came to the USA in the 1960's and there are only a handful of these medium wheelbase trucks with soft top. This Nissan Patrol was a direct competitor to the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ43 medium wheelbase model. The Toyota FJ43 models have enjoyed a great following at the classic car auctions bringing sales in the $40,000 to $77,500 range.

While searching for FJs I came across a rare Nissan Patrol I just could not pass up. Last year for the LG-60 model Nissan Patrol. I purchased this from an airline pilot and car enthusiast who owned it for over 8 years. He restored it less than 5 years ago and kept it for his personal use. He really did a wonderful job. Volcan 4x4 updated and upgraded the truck February & March, 2014.

To the best of my knowledge the history of this unique truck is as follows. Please note the FADEGAN plaque on the rear of the truck which shows that the truck was purchased through a Colombian cattle rancher's cooperative. The original owner was likely a cattle rancher and purchased this truck for his personal use. Trucks with the FADEGAN plaque are highly desired in Colombia where most Patrols and Land Cruisers were used as rural taxis. I have seen photos of this truck before its restoration and it was in very good condition.

The most recent owner was a commercial airline pilot and classic car enthusiast who owned this truck for over eight years. Five years ago he oversaw a restoration including rebuilding the engine, repainting the truck and installing a new top and custom roll bar.

Volcan 4x4 then spent the last 5 weeks completing the truck in Colombia including:

  1. 5 new Maxxis Big Horn Mud Terrain tires on original 16 inch rims
  2. 4 new Tokico shocks plus steering stabilizer
  3. New power brake booster adapted to the truck
  4. Rebuilt power steering from an 80 series Toyota Land Cruiser (I tested in the mountains for 3 hours and works very well)
  5. Relocated new battery back to the original under seat storage location (similar to Defenders)
  6. Oil and oil filter change
  7. 4 brand new drum brakes. New drums, cylinders, pads. Truck stops straight coming 2000 feet down the mountain.
  8. Complete overhaul of driveline including new birfields, new AVM manual locking hubs, new wheel hubs, new gaskets/grease/fluids in the axles, transfer case and transmission.
  9. New exhaust system with period correct muffler (no emissions)
  10. One week dent removal, paint touch up, 3 stage Maguiars polish, new tail lamps and other details. This is 5 year old paint but it is shiny and very nice.

Note the interior is in excellent condition with custom floor mats to protect the original snap in 35 yr old mats. New custom spare tire cover.

Favorite features on this truck are three windshield wipers, manual crank start like a Model T, dash air vents, and ignition key in the dash.

Best feature is the powerful Nissan 4.0 liter straight six. Having owned Land Cruisers I am completely impressed with the smoothness and higher torque of this fantastic motor. This truck has a 3 speed transmission with non synchro first but I just drove it on a 3 hour round trip in the Colombian mountains at around 7000 feet elevation. The truck pulled up the mountains in 2nd and 3rd and kept up with modern cars and never overheated. Note the Patrols have a fully boxed frame versus the Land Cruiser C channel frame. This is a mountain goat with 4.10 gears.

If you are looking for a unique soft top 4x4 to take 9 of your friends to the beach or the mountains this is your truck.

Truck to be delivered and tagged in Tampa, Florida (or we can arrange for your state) in April. I am familiar with the process as I restored and imported a 1983 FJ40 which I sold recently at Mecum Auctions in Orlando. Volcan 4x4, LLC is registered in Florida and has a sister Colombian company which is registered with government as an exporter.

Emissions are the responsibility of the buyer. Most states have model year waivers. Truck meets Florida exemption. Also the truck is mileage exempted in Florida. To the best of my knowledge truck has low miles since the 5 year overhaul and was garage kept by the previous owner.

No heat or AC. Ask me for sources.

Truck passed a compression test with the following numbers from 1 to 6: 130, 145, 130, 140, 135, 140. Engine starts without choke and runs fantastic.

Volcan 4x4 is primarily in the business of restoring Toyota Land Cruisers for export but my experience with this truck has been so positive that I hope to ship more in the future. This is a beautiful blue 4x4!

I am asking for a $5000 non-refundable deposit to secure the truck.

Price: $39,900 negotiable.

More Info

There are more photos on our www.facebook.com/volcan4x4 and our Volcan 4x4 YouTube channel. You can also keep up to date on our trucks via our Twitter account @Volcan4x4.

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