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Estella 1982 FJ43 Land Cruiser For Sale

Estella is a one-of-a-kind 1982 FJ43 Land Cruiser featuring 3 hard and soft tops and a custom FJ40-style trailer.
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  • Year: 1982
  • Make: Toyota
  • Model: Land Cruiser FJ43
  • Engine: 6 cylinder
  • Color: Freeborn Red
  • Color: Freeborn Red
  • Top: 3 hard and soft tops
  • Other: Custom FJ40-series style trailer
  • Condition: Mint
  • Status: SOLD.
  • Asking Price: $59,900

1982 FJ43 Land Cruiser. 3 Tops. 1 Trailer.

Truck is in Tampa, Florida and can be test driven by appointment. Come see the quality of a Volcan 4x4 restoration.

This truck was sourced and restored by Volcan 4x4, LLC which is a Tampa, Florida and Medellin, Colombia based business managed by car enthusiast, businessman and US citizen Charlie Guy. This is a full time operation and I personally oversee the purchase, restoration and export/import of our trucks.

This is a rare late model 1982 FJ43. We turned down 5 FJ43s to select this one. We chose this one for its great color, strong mechanicals, original floors and body lines.

All our trucks are highly restored or highly original trucks. We have sold 5 trucks for 2014 including 2 FJ43s.

This lovely Freeborn Red FJ43 is named Estella after a Colombian family friend.

Extensive Restoration

The truck underwent a four month extensive frame on restoration. We took off the front apron, doors, hood and front fenders. We also disassembled the dash. We did not remove the motor or the tub. The hood and doors were taken down to bare metal before applying a several stage PPG paint application. Thank you to our painter Carlos who has over 25 years experience painting cars. This truck gleams in the sunlight.

The overhaul included a complete mechanical review taking over 2 weeks and including several options which we added:

  • Strong running 2 F engine and strong H41 4 speed transmission
  • New AISIN manual hubs
  • New overhauled brakes
  • Original power steering
  • Overhauled suspension including custom 2 inch lift (this is the best riding FJ I have driven so far)
  • Underhood detailing including new coolant overflow tank, spark plugs, clutch reservoir and battery
  • Radiator removed, reviewed and repainted
  • 7 restored custom 16 x 7 rims with real traditional Toyota 15 inch centers and reproduction Toyota hubcaps
  • 7 265/75r16 (32 inch) BFG km2 Mud Terrains
  • New AC and Heat system
  • New exhaust
  • New interior using high density foam on repainted seat bases. The vinyl is elephant hide texture and thick high quality material in a charcoal gray similar to the original Toyota. Center console will be modern metal console with matching armrest. We contracted with a fantastic interior specialist who worked for Mazda on their new cars
  • 6 new seatbelts. We modified the buckets to fit taller drivers. I am 6 foot 3 inches and fit better in this Toyota than any other.
  • Custom high quality front and rear floor mats.
  • Custom roll hoop with attached front seatbelts. This allows quick change between our 3 custom top options listed below.

Three Hard And Soft Tops

The truck has three unique top options that we developed making this one of the most versatile collectable classic 4x4s ever. Volcan 4x4 spent several months designing and custom fabricating these options with our resourceful Colombian team of specialists.

This Volcan 4x4 FJ43 allows you to...

CRUISE. Cruise with 6 friends in airconditioned and heated comfort. This FJ43 is more rare than most Ferraris at valet parking (and more fun!) A classic Colombian made option for the FJ43 were these high quality fiberglass hard tops. This truck has the luxury model which is preferred. We cleaned and paint matched this top to the truck. We also added new bolts allowing the hard top to removed by two people. It breaks down into 4 parts and can be easily stored against a garage wall. This top will never rust like the metal tops.

COAST. Coast down the beach with our unique soft top. Our "Coastrunner" top is a full length, open sided soft top made out of light weight Sunbrella fabric. Top can be put up and taken down in minutes. Note the custom matching fabric rear mesh gate.

CARRY. Carry your cargo in your classic FJ43! Truck has a one of a kind Soft Top Pickup option. The soft top pick up top is made out of two layers of high quality vinyl. This top allows you to take advantage of the 5 foot rear bed of the FJ43 model. The bench seats fold up in seconds and have high quality seat covers. The top incorporates the roll hoop and can be removed in minutes to run the truck as a convertible or the rear vinyl panel can be rolled up to serve as a bikini.

Custom FJ40-series Trailer

CAMP. Camp out with your friends and all your gear with this is a one of a kind offroad trailer designed by Volcan 4x4. Trailer is made out of a new FJ43 steel tub perfectly matching the the FJ43 tow vehicle. It is painted in the same PPG and has matching tires, wheels and tonneau cover. There is a large lockable storage box up front. Note the details like the matching Toyota tail lamps. We are will soon offer these trailers to Land Cruiser enthusiasts for $6900. This trailer is included in the price of this FJ43 for sale here.

A Unique Truck

We hope you find our 1982 FJ43 "Estella" to be as lovely as our dear friend we named her after. This is a one of kind custom FJ43 with a high quality restoration and one of kind options. We believe that this "Volcan 4x4" FJ43 strikes the perfect balance between family enjoyability, utility, collectability and future potential price appreciation. Classic Toyota Land Cruisers are the hottest classic truck in market right now and the FJ43 is the hottest model with recent sale of a restored one at $110,000.

Thank you

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